Integration made simple

Version 1.2


  1. Authenticate / login via Steam.
  2. Retrieve friend lists via Steam.
  3. Retrieve User information via Steam.
  4. Retrieve user avatars as a Bitmap and the Url via Steam.
  5. Retrieve steam groups belonging to users or all.
  6. Get group information via steam.
  7. Send notification messages and messages to your friends.
  8. Retrieve server information.
  9. Solid Notification feature, notifying you asynchronously.
  10. (New) Introducing new Smart Objects, iUser and iGroup.
    1. (New) Attach to Notification class to keep your statuses up to date and alerting you.
    2. (New) Easy way of managing friends lists and groups.
  11. (New) Integrated the Notification class into the SteamToken class
  12. More stable than all previous versions

Please feel free to contact me if you experience problems.

coming soon:


3 comments on “Version 1.2

  1. Tyler

    Any chance this will be updated or am I missing something. I’m old. It wouldn’t be surprising.

    • LouisMarais

      I’m currently working on a new SDK since the current version that I have available uses the old steam SDK. the new one will make use of the new steam web api and authentication, this would make it difficult for hackers to use the SDK to steal accounts since they would require a token which they have to get from steam directly.

  2. Tyler

    Nice 🙂 I look forward to it 😀 Thanks!!

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Next Release

Version 1.2January 1st, 2013
the iSteam SDK version 1.2 will be released as a stable version. With tons of new features.
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